Still Another Day

Still Another Day

In the only authorized English translation of Pablo Neruda’s Aún, William O’Daly has accomplished what other translators of Neruda rarely do: he has captured the rhythmic vitality in English that the Nobel poet expressed in the Spanish original. Of this single poem (28 parts totaling 433 verses], the noted English critic Robert Pring-Mill said, “It is perhaps the finest long poem Neruda has written in the past twenty years. There are few tricks of style and no verbal pyrotechnics: the lines flow with patterned rightness, swept along by the sad intensity of feeling. Detached yet wholly involved, Neruda has never looked quite so deeply into himself before, nor seen so clearly how the land where he was born has always moved and steered him.”

With the publication of Still Another Day, O’Daly inaugurated Copper Canyon Press’s lauded series of translations of late-career and posthumous Neruda.

“Neruda’s lyricism wakes us up, even in the face of death, in the connections we have with our land, inner and outer.”
Los Angeles Times Book Review

“A pensive farewell to those who found joy in his poetry, his own life, Chile, and above all, the common people.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“A soaring and inspiriting tribute to the Chilean people, their history and their survival.”
Publishers Weekly

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